About Us


Axel Doerwald

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Axel Doerwald is the founder of Invatron Systems Corp. and creator of the original PLUM Scale Management system. As CEO of Invatron, Mr. Doerwald is involved in all aspects of the company and enjoys spending much of his time in client-facing discussions where he can learn how Invatron can best help our clients.  He is involved in many aspects of the company from sales and marketing to finance and HR and enjoys diving into product development, which of course is a passion of his.  He is the primary product owner of both the Scale and Fresh Item Management business units.

Mr. Doerwald has over 30 years experience in Information Technology (IT); primarily in the development of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software for industrial and retail applications. He has designed and developed numerous software applications and process control systems for the retail, industrial and food processing sectors. Prior to starting Invatron in 1987, Mr. Doerwald co-developed one of the first in-motion truck weighing applications. He studied Computer Science at Sheridan College, Oakville Ontario and McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. He has worked in embedded system development as well as more traditional business systems using a variety of programming languages and tools. 

An inventor at heart, Mr. Doerwald holds various patents and continues to act as the visionary for the company.

Joe Smirlies

Vice-President, Solution Delivery

Joe Smirlies brings 25 years of experience in software development to his current role as Invatron’s head of Solution Delivery, with 15 of those years focused on the specific and unique needs of Fresh grocery operations. Joe is co-creator of Invatron’s Periscope Fresh Item Management solution and actively applies his in-depth product and industry knowledge to support key customer engagements and client-facing discussions. Joe continues to apply his technical expertise in managing the development of enterprise-wide solutions across all Invatron products.

Kurt Brands

Operating Partner

Kurt joined Invatron’s management team in 2013 upon the completion of Polar Capital’s investment in Invatron. Kurt is Invatron’s acting CFO and has over fifteen years of operating and investing experience. Most recently, Kurt was the CEO of a publicly traded merchant bank that successfully completed a realization of value for shareholders. Along with his partners at Polar, Kurt is focused on sponsoring Invatron’s mission of building long lasting partnerships with grocery retailers and enabling them to achieve Operational Excellence in Fresh.

Tom Barclay

Sales Director

Tom has been an integral member of the Invatron management team since 1994, focusing on sales and cultivating new opportunities for the utilization of our industry-leading software application solutions. Prior to his years with Invatron, Tom managed new store development for Toys’R’Us Canada, from site selection through to zoning, construction, merchandising and promotion.

Michael Lang

Sales Director

Michael joined Invatron’s management team in 2013 upon the completion of Polar Capital’s investment in Invatron. Michael is a global Sales and Marketing executive who has served the retail and Food industries for 25 years. He has held CEO and CCO roles in service companies in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. His relentless focus on creating innovative and financially impactful solutions has resulted in success for both the customers he has worked with as well as for the organizations he has run.

Ian Wood

Sales Director

Ian Wood is a respected technology veteran with more than 17 years experience working with global software companies and North American start ups. His focus has been on growing businesses, defining and aligning technology offerings, and leading sales teams.

With his experience in enterprise solutions, Ian is focused on our partner network and working with retailers to align technology with their Fresh Operation strategy. Ian's proactive, solution oriented approach will bring success to Fresh initiatives and ensure long term value creation for our customers.

He is most excited that Invatron's solutions help create immediate measurable financial impact for the customers we serve.

Don McNeil

Director, Solution Delivery

Don McNeil brings over 17 years of technical support and implementation experience to his current position as Director of Solution Delivery. Don continually strives to enhance the end-user experience for clients using Invatron’s products and services. His extensive product knowledge and field experience, working within various Supermarket IT environments, has provided the expertise required to lead our dedicated team of customer service specialists in delivering reliable, world-class applications support.

Brandon Barna

Director, Solution Delivery

Brandon Barna joined Invatron in 2010 and has a portfolio of 17 years of experience in Enterprise Software Delivery and an additional 6 within a grocery retailer. Brandon's experience in both Retail and IT allow clients to gain insight into how Invatron's product suite can improve process flows. As a Director of Solution Delivery, he is focused on implementation efficiency, knowledge transfer and compliance to help Retailers gain a faster ROI.

Douglas Lo

Director, Solution Delivery

Doug brings over twenty years of experience in retail IT in implementations, presales and product marketing in UK, US and Asia. For six of those years Doug worked at SAP as a product manager helping customers understand how to leverage IT solutions such as SAP Retail Merchandising, Planning and Workforce Optimization to drive value across retail value chain.

John Sanchez

Director, Solution Delivery

John brings over 15 years of experience implementing Retail Software solutions, focused on Demand Forecasting and Replenishment as well as Inventory Management and Allocations. His datawarehousing expertise has helped customers to better understand their data challenges and to create solutions to drive better business decisions.

Laura Morgan

Director, Development and Quality Assurance

Leading a team of devoted software developers, Laura’s primary responsibility is to ensure that Invatron continually provides innovative new software releases in a time frame that satisfies customer expectations. Laura has been with Invatron since 1994, starting in Client Services, supporting, enhancing and testing Invatron’s Scale Management applications. Laura’s many years of dedicated service, demonstrating an outstanding level of commitment to quality and an innate passion for excellence.

Gary Lais

Director, Scale Management

Gary handles most of Invatron’s Business Development activities, working to expand Invatron’s solutions into new markets and new channels of distribution. As a former software business owner, Gary brings over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and client services to Invatron. Gary has spent his career building, selling and supporting enterprise applications for a number of industries across the supply chain and has a proven track record of developing strong relationships with customers and partners to deliver joint success for everyone.

Adam Zielinski

Chief Architect

Adam brings 30 years of development experience, 15 of them with Invatron, to his current role as the company's Chief Architect. As the original designer of Periscope's industry-proven Demand Forecasting Engine, Adam now oversees its ongoing evolution. He is the architect behind the communication protocols used in both the Periscope Fresh Item Management and E-Plum Scale Management application platforms. Among his areas of expertise are coding patterns, OOP, C++, multi-threaded programming and TCP/IP communications, to name a few. Adam has an MSC in Computer Science from Gdansk Polytechnic.