Our Thinking

Message from our ceo.

Since founding Invatron almost 25 years ago, I have held the belief that bringing fresh thinking to solve the complex challenges surrounding grocery retail is what our customers demand and will recognize given time.  As retail technologists, we have been both a pioneer and leader in the fields of Scale and Fresh item management solutions for grocery retail.  Our goal has been to keep at the forefront of technology solutions for Fresh food and where possible, pave the way towards retail operations excellence in Fresh. We believe it’s essential to have a compelling fresh food offering to achieve a successful and compelling proposition in grocery retail. Periscope, our demand-driven Fresh Replenishment solution and E-Plum, our centralized scale management solution provide the essential ingredients from which intelligent store-level decisions are made to enable our customers to win in this highly competitive marketplace.

As inventors at heart, we seek to redefine what is possible. We seek to solve problems that have not been solved before. We have little interest in recreating what already exists unless what exists is antiquated and it’s time for a paradigm shift in thinking, using new tools and technologies. Improving on existing solutions in the marketplace means understanding their shortcomings and how those hamper a retailer’s ability to succeed both operationally and financially.  It’s not about technology for technology’s sake but rather how it can be used differently to dramatically improve results for our clients. 

We have proven results that validate that our approach has material impact on sales, margin and reduced operational shrink.  Ultimately, that’s what continues to motivate our team to work for our valued customers every day.

Moving forward our goal is simple and has not changed. Find ways to leverage our technology platform to continue to add value for our customers by assisting them with in-store operations management, supply chain optimization, insightful analytics and improved customer messaging.

We will continue to focus on providing solutions that enable customers to win by having the right–sized localized assortment for each store that maximizes choice for shoppers with improved freshness and reduced shrink and out-of-stocks.  Using our proven, retail-hardened demand forecasting technology, we ensure that Production, Ordering and Replenishment are optimized to ensure delivery of the right quantity of the freshest product available. This is our mantra:  the Right Quantity, at the Right Time, in the Right Place.

Our commitment to our customers continues to be to provide the best solutions possible to maximize the best Fresh in-stock position, at the key times of the day, so that their shoppers are satisfied and more so, delighted.

I look forward to working with our customers by listening to their challenges; understanding their needs and opportunities and responding by exceeding expectations with the very capable team we have here at Invatron.

Yours Truly