Periscope transforms your store-level fresh inventory management practices, significantly improving freshness and on-shelf availability while reducing excess Shrink, thereby increasing sales and profits. Additionally, it delivers corporate visibility to in-store execution challenges, enabling focused attention where it's needed.

Effective operational control of in-store fresh inventory is a challenge for many retailers while Fresh remains a key battleground for garnering the loyalty of shoppers.  Retailers who have a focus on differentiating themselves in Fresh need tools to assist them to succeed specifically around in-store execution to ensure optimum freshness and assortment. 

Periscope assesses customer demand by store and product in a way that deals with the inherent challenges brought about by the sales volatility found in “Fresh”. With by store item-level product demand matched with current in-store inventory, Periscope auto-generates production plans and order recommendations. It does so in ultra-short, day-part timeframes to optimize inventory and freshness throughout the sales day.

Having the right product at the right time and in the right quantity is the mantra for successful retailing. Periscope delivers on that strategy thereby driving increased sales and profit coupled with a reduction in “excess” shrink.

The Benefits of Visibility

Periscope provides clear visibility, the key to successfully implementing profitable change in Fresh. Take a look at your Fresh Food Operations through Periscope and gain insights to help you:

  • Reduce shrink and maximize margin/profit
  • Optimize inventory and increase On-shelf Availability
  • Accurately anticipate future sales under varying conditions
  • Efficiently manage and optimize production to meet goals of freshness and labor efficiency
  • Optimize Ordering and Replenishment (Right Amount/Right Time/Right Place)
  • Manage recipes and ingredient costs, roll up to Order Unit
  • Minimize markdowns and optimize markdown effectiveness
  • See a variety of built-in KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) using the Analytics Dashboard, which provides powerful operational intelligence
  • Rate stores, departments, categories for efficiency and effectiveness on optimizing freshness, supply, Known Loss and more.

What questions does Periscope answer?

  • Know what to make…and when
  • Know what was marked down…and when
  • Know what to order…and when
  • Know what was discarded…and when
  • How to avoid out-of-stocks…and where

How fast do I see results?

  • Full ROI in three months or less!
  • Rapid deployment in as little as six weeks

Minimize Shrink and Maximize Profits

Periscope Shrink and Known Loss Tracking

Even conservative shrink estimates for the average meat department range between 6 and 8%. To start capturing this lost revenue, you need insight into your current shrink problem.
Periscope Shrink Tracking categorizes and quantifies shrink in its many forms: waste, expired product, markdowns, pilferage and conversions — exposing those products that are constraining your margin effectiveness. Just by arming your staff with timely and accurate shrink information, Shrink Tracking alone produces significant savings.

Periscope Shrink Tracking helps you:

  • Accurately track item markdowns, discards and conversions
  • Zero in on which items or categories contribute the most to shrink
  • Evaluate markdown effectiveness by department, category, item and type across week and user-specified intervals
  • Record and report all known shrink within a store, district, for a specific banner or across the enterprise
  • Determine the impact of shrink as it relates to sales
  • Report on shrink in real time

Optimize Inventory and Find Lost Sales

Periscope Inventory Management

A recent grocery category study reported that consumers can’t find their preferred product 8.6% of the time. Disappointed, 40% of them either postpone their buying decision or simply shop somewhere else.
Periscope’s Inventory Management helps staff identify your out-of-stocks by maintaining a perpetual inventory of your self-serve cases. Extended to incorporate sales, scale production and other inventory affecting transactions, Periscope reveals product activity patterns over time periods you specify. With detailed reports showing out-of-stocks, poorly performing items, inventory counts, scale production, sales, conversions, discards and department transfers, your staff can mark down if required and ultimately produce more effectively, increasing your revenues.

Periscope’s Inventory Management provides the ability to:

  • Count inventory and reconcile system with actual physical inventory records
  • Log inventory reconciliations as simple adjustments or pilferage
  • Track all product movement including scale production, conversions, transfers to other departments and sales
  • Identify slow moving products over a user-defined time period
  • Identify products that are currently out of stock
  • Discern past out-of-stock patterns
  • Easily view minimum and maximum case requirements for products

Accurately Anticipate Future Sales

Periscope Demand Forecasting

Knowing how to anticipate future consumer demand accurately is a key strategic advantage. Periscope’s Demand Forecasting crunches your data through its powerful forecasting engine to include promotions, holidays and special events, time of day, day of week, overall sales fluctuations and beginning- versus end-of-month demand in its forecasts. Your staff will better target that sweet spot where the right products are produced in the right quantities at the right times to satisfy customer demand yet ensure minimal discards and markdowns.

We stand by Periscope’s Demand Forecasting because it:

  • Statistically detects and discounts “noise” in sales patterns
  • Provides store-specific forecasts
  • Includes high, low and mean output in forecasts
  • Includes a forecast range to help determine the variability and reliability of data
  • Strikes a balance between performance and quality
  • Offers proven results
  • Provides forecasts which are configurable

Efficiently Manage and Optimize Production

Periscope Production Planning

Working hand-in-hand with Invatron’s powerful Demand Forecasting, Production Planning ensures that production can be confidently scheduled throughout the day, out-of-stocks identified before they occur and sales opportunities realized for excess self-serve case inventory before it stales. In a retail environment often burdened by staff churn, shifting priorities and ever-changing product assortment, Periscope’s unbiased pattern recognition expertise will help ensure you hit the ideal production target every time.

With Periscope’s Production Planning, you can:

  • Determine production requirements based on existing inventories, historical patterns and case requirements
  • Establish best practices for primal to sub-primal (or case level) cutting ratios
  • Use recipes to drive raw material processing from the backroom to the self-serve case
  • Quantify the sales lost over a set time period due to out-of-stocks
  • Pinpoint the products likely to sell out over a user-defined time period, so that corrective action can be taken before out-of-stocks can occur

Optimize Your Supply Chain

Periscope Order Management

Periscope’s Order Management transforms your fresh department staff from order makers into order managers, letting you realize the labor- and cost-saving efficiencies generated by computer-assisted ordering. With Order Management, your staff can easily generate and verify orders by department and store, seamlessly integrating with your order fulfillment system.

While many retailers have implemented automated replenishment or CAO (Computer-Assisted Ordering) in the center of the grocery store, very few have attempted to do so in the perimeter fresh areas because of the specific challenges those areas present. That is, until now. Finally, supermarket operators can harness the power of Periscope’s Forecasting capabilities to generate order recommendations or complete orders based on existing inventory position (Balance on Hand), consumption rate of inventory (Days of Supply) with full alignment to delivery schedules by store and item.

By tracking and maintaining your total fresh item inventory and employing dynamically maintained recipes and cutting lists for finished goods, Periscope fully determines raw materials, sub-primals and case-ready replenishment quantities. What’s more, it enables you to quantify additional forms of shrink resulting from poor cutting and production habits, backroom pilferage and inadequate business practices. You’ll know better what to order and realize more value from your backroom inventory with a more efficient fresh food operation driving even greater profitability.

Why do I need Periscope when I already have a CAO/AR Solution in place?

The benefits of automated replenishment are more dramatic in the fresh departments as a result of the close-dated shelf life typical of the products sold in these areas. Traditional CAO/CGO applications do not adapt well to the nuances of Fresh products with highly volatile sales swings, intra-day production, seasonal variations and often dramatic promotional lift. Whether you are ordering Direct-to-Retail case ready products or materials required for in-store produced items in Prepared Foods, Meat or Bakery, Periscope Order Management gives you an accurate assessment of demand for the next delivery cycle expressed in the Order Units of your choice. Customizable ordering parameters such as Order Unit of Measure, Skew Factor, Merchandising Minimum, Substitutions and Carry Over Stock give you a flexible tool that can be adapted to your particular requirements. How much or how little control you provide store personnel with respect to order adjustments is up to you. Periscope Order Management can also be deployed centrally enabling you to move towards centralized ordering if that is your strategic direction.

Periscope’s Order Management provides the ability to:

  • Maintain and track all products in and out of backroom inventory in real time
  • Adjust, count and reconcile system quantities to actual physical quantities
  • Recommend case orders based on existing inventories, historical patterns and case requirements
  • Interface with order fulfillment systems to maintain perpetual inventory levels
  • Reconcile invoicing with approved, held-back and shipped orders

Periscope is a Fresh Item Management (FIM) web-centric solution involving technology and process that generates a short-term near real-time demand forecast. Coupled to a dynamically managed perpetual inventory model, it produces quantity recommendations for at-shelf product required to meet merchandising requirements and true sales demand for specific slices of the sales day, otherwise known as a day-part. At its core, Periscope FIM is an inventory optimization tool for managing the Fresh Operations inside a grocery store – ensuring you have the right product at the right time to serve your customers.

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