E-Plum Enterprise Scale Manager is our industry-leading multi-vendor scale management solution for retailers who demand maximum performance and manageability along with wide flexibility in equipment selection.

Data integrity in Fresh is a foundational requirement for achieving operational excellence across a variety of disciplines related to effective in-store execution. Ensuring all in-store labelling is done correctly, meeting all regulatory requirements as well as your own merchandising and marketing goals is only one aspect addressed by E-Plum. Item integrity also ensures your price accuracy commitment to your shoppers and is a building block for inventory optimization in Fresh.

E-Plum is a centralized solution that can run in the Cloud or within your Data Centre. It is designed to be bolted to your own merchandising or ERP system to ensure “the single version of the truth” extends right down to each labelling device located at store level.

Additionally, the E-Plum Dashboard component is the ultimate troubleshooting tool which provides customer business and help desk associates with instant identification of scale enterprise issues, in real time, in an intuitive graphic format, with drill-down to detailed information.

The Problem

In-Store produced goods are a key differentiator for many traditional supermarket retailers competing with new entrants in the increasingly fragmented grocery space.  At the same time, labelling regulations have become increasingly complex and continue to expand in order to deal with the myriad of consumer requests for more information about the food we eat.

Your in-store labelling equipment in the various fresh departments needs to be centrally managed in a way that enables you to respond quickly and cost-effectively to new changes brought about by food labelling regulators or your own merchandising and marketing group.  The ability to execute new merchandising programs often requires rapid implementation of new label formats, price structures and additional label information. 

In addition, a lack of central visibility to in-store labelling equipment means a lack of awareness when pricing or other data gets out of alignment with your central pricing system.  How do we truly know that scales and printers in both the pre-pack and service departments have the right data? Many existing scale management systems tend to push data down to in-store devices without providing proper reporting when updates fail.  This means prices could be wrong in your scales and no one even knows about it.  Assuming that in-store associates will detect the problem and rectify it is wishful thinking. 


Imagine a centralized, web-based system that leverages your investment in network infrastructure and enables you to have complete visibility of your scale/printer network across all your stores with timely exception-based reporting of any problems that can result in a loss of data integrity.

Introducing E-Plum

E- Plum was built from the ground up to take advantage of new network technologies to enable you to manage and update thousands of labelling devices such as weigh-scales, printers and more from a single central source that, in turn, is directly integrated with your merchandising system. 

Need to execute a new pricing strategy?  Change a label format? Provide support for allergens or Country of Origin information?  E-Plum gives you the means to quickly effect changes across your entire store base by Division, District, Store Group or individual store so that you have complete control of your in-store labelling equipment. 

By operating centrally, E-Plum allows you to distribute data to the in-store labelling equipment in real-time meaning updates can take place at any time and as often as needed to support your competitive pricing strategy. Any failed updates that result from scale/printers being off-line or disconnected from the network are immediately reported to your store support help desk so that the problem can be quickly resolved or other corrective measures can be taken.


The start of successful retailing begins with rock-solid data integrity across all your systems.  Without this fundamental building block in place, all other strategies you wish to execute will struggle for success because of problems in execution.  Many of these problems can be attributed to loss of data integrity, i.e., Wrong Pricing. 

At Invatron, when it comes to managing scale/printers and scale/printer networks, you could say we have a bit of an obsession when it comes to data integrity.  E-Plum gives you the means to manage complex data types in a highly granular fashion in each of your stores and more importantly, tells you when something is wrong.  Central visibility to in-store data integrity loss within your fresh departments enables you to quickly respond to ensure your stores are pricing and labelling goods properly, accurately and most importantly, according to your merchandising goals.

Managing store systems is a complex task.  Effectively executing your pricing strategy relies on your store systems and your host-driven data feeds.  Let E-Plum handle the burden and give you the peace of mind that your in-store scales and printers have the right information to label your in-store goods properly.  Fresh is a key market differentiator as numerous consumer surveys have shown.  Executing your Fresh Strategy requires sub-systems you can rely on.  We’re here to help.

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