Fresh-Trax is a cloud-based solution developed to capture and catalog ground beef production using handheld scanners.

The solution captures multiple grind processes such as bench trim from a lug, direct grinds from a tube and retail product conversions for a specific customer request or rewrap.

Fresh-Trax captures all the information needed to achieve compliance with USDA Recordkeeping (Grind Log) Regulations – including:

  • Date and time of grind production
  • Store associate who performed the transaction
  • GTIN Barcode
  • Manufacturer of the source material
  • Plant ID/Establishment #
  • Serial/Lot # and Pack date
  • Source/Retail Product description
  • Cleaning and sanitization activities

Fresh-Trax features a robust database which contains supplier data from major beef manufacturers across the United States – in total, 600+ primal products from 23 different packers. This data eliminates manual entry of the manufacturer’s establishment number and creates a unique link between source material and ground beef products.

Benefits with Impact

Grocery retailers using Periscope Fresh-Trax in their meat departments will realize material benefits, including:

  • On-demand accessibility to real-time grind log reports;
  • Exception-based reporting that alerts management of any non-compliance occurrences;
  • Ensured traceability and accuracy of information in the event of a recall or inspection;
  • Easy-to-use tool that supports high user adoption;
  • Instantaneous application updates to meet any regulatory changes;
  • Lower total cost of ownership; and
  • Ability to leverage Invatron platform and explore other Fresh Item Management initiatives.


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